The company is located in the territory of the municipality of Scicli in the province of Ragusa. The vineyards can be found in Filippa and Fumarie. In 2002, the aim was to bring the vineyard cultivation into a strongly cultivated territory and to an ancient wine tradition.

In 2003, the first Avola black vineyard was planted, an autochthonous Sicilian grape variety for excellence. ARMOSA's wines come exclusively from their own Nero d'Avola grapes, vinified in purity in the cellar of the property, adjacent to the vineyards.

The ARMOSA Farm is a small wine-growing company that currently works on about 4.8 hectares of avian black vineyard and 0.1 hectares of white muscat. The cultivation techniques used are aimed at obtaining an optimum vegeto-productive balance so as to favor the production of healthy grapes of high quality. Harvesting is done manually in the coolest hours of the day, with the selection of vineyards in the best clusters and harvesting in cassettes.

The cellar, obtained from the restructuring of rural buildings of the last century, is equipped with modern stainless steel tanks for controlled temperature wine making and a barrique for refining wine. The cellar used techniques try to reduce wine interventions in order to maintain their integrity as a whole, according to the philosophy that "The time is on wine and not on man."

The company's desire is to create a wine of quality and pleasure that tells the story of a land and cultures that have evaded itself, and that expresses with its personality the territory with its scents and flavors.

Description Tour


- 9.30 pm Meeting with the participants to visit the ARMOSA Winery. We will visit the vineyards, the winery with explanation of the production processes, tasting of at least three wines of the Armos of which SICLYS and CURMA.


- Transfer to Scicli

Lunch at the restaurant.

- Afternoon visit of Scicli.


- Late afternoon return home







- Visit ARMOSA Cellar and wine tasting;

- Lunch in the restaurant;

- Guided tour of Scicli;

- Accompanying Sicily Sea Holiday;


Does not include


- Everything that is not specified in the "include" entry.


Booking condition

- A deposit of 30% of the total amount will be required upon booking. The balance must be paid on the same day as the visit to the Cellar.


Withdrawal status


In case of cancellation the deposit of 30% paid at the time of booking will be in no way refundable. The withdrawal is allowed up to 60 days before the service is used.