Cooking courses

Cooking courses

The dishes of the Sciclitan cuisine enclose a rich and long history of traditions and culture of peoples who have colonized this portion of the island in the past, tastes in perfect balance between the land and the sea.
The products used in the kitchen are the result of our uncontaminated land, such as extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits, in addition to the fish caught every day in our waters and the extraordinary cheeses made with Ragusan milk.

With the cookery courses prepared by us you will have the opportunity to discover the scents, flavors and aromas of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

The course will last about three hours, minimum participants 10 max 40,  composed as follows:

- Explanation of the ingredients.
- Times and ways of cooking.
- Preparation - cooking and tasting.
Courses chosen from:

- Course of "Arancino Siciliano".
(IN ADDITION will be the degustation of rustic Sicilian appetizer *)

- Course of "Sweet and salty ricotta ravioli".
(IN ADDITION will be the degustation of rustic Sicilian appetizer * and meat with the sauce)

Sicilian rustic appetizer *: tasting assortment of crackers and sciclitani pies; mix tastes of Ragusan cheeses; bread cunzatu; caponata; dry tomatoes; capuliatu; dried sausage.

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